El aroma de Roma, a Times New Roman Musical

1st-century Rome has an extravagant, exuberant, and downright provocative aroma.

And our story? Well, let's just say it's a mix-up of epic proportions. Meet Cayo, a saltator (that's dancer in Roman-speak), who manages to offend Nero himself at one of his famous bacchanals. So, what does the emperor do? Condemns him to death, of course! But Cayo's a slippery one, and he escapes, only to stumble upon a gladiator school run by Senator Piso, who's plotting to overthrow Nero and seize power. Talk about a wrong turn! But, Cayo's not one to let a little thing like being in the wrong place at the wrong time stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming a top saltator. And somehow, almost by accident, he ends up being part of the conspiracy to take down Nero, while revolutionizing theater, music, and dance. Oh, and did we mention it's hilarious?.

In case you don't believe it, we've got some amazing photos and a video montage that will make even the most jaded video montage lover swoon. After all, as Cayo himself says:"A picture is worth a thousand words, unless you're blind".